Korzo is the center of Rijeka, its most famous street and place of public events. On and around Korzo there are several beautiful baroque buildings, palaces and churches, and other historical buildings. Each of the old owners of the city of Rijeka left their impression which only contributed to the beauty of this city.

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51000, Rijeka


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We visited Korzo in the afternoon. We got to enjoy the beautiful ambiance of this tourist attraction site. We took pictures, watched people and listened to music. We later took an evening stroll along the quite streets.
Taking evening walks while sightseeing was one of my most memorable things to do here . Ideal for a couple in their babymoon
This is a pedestrian only street, parallel to the sea. My family loved walking on this street. The buildings are spectacular and at night when everything lights up,it creates a magical experience. It is equipped with various social amenities such as stores, restaurants. Festivals also take place on this street.
very good!!!
The place is lit properly during the night and the history of the place is interesting. It is totally worth the visit to the place.
The locals here have an interesting culture. I loved the fact that they are charming and friendly to tourists. My friends loved sitting and eating by the river as we admired the beautiful scenery around. We took a lot of souvenirs back home from the market. I loved the street most during the nights, as it was properly lit and we walked along the baroque buildings fearlessly despite being visitors.
Wonderful place with a pedestrian-only street that I loved when I walk walking around the town. The buildings are interesting and I had an advent time on my tour.
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