Srine of Our Lady of Trsat


The Srine of Our Lady of Trsat is the largest pilgrimage shrine in the western part of the Republic of Croatia. The sanctuary was built during the transfer of the Nazareth house, which spent the period from 1291 to 1294 on Trsat. After the great fire that occurred in 1629, it was necessary to further renovate the churches and the monastery next to it. The church and the monastery have been restored mostly in the Baroque style in which they are recognizable even today. The interior is also designed in the Baroque style, and this is most evident in the sumptuous altar dating from 1692.

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51000, Rijeka


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very good!!!
the visited together with my fellow believers and had a fulfillitime. the other amenities provide and are well maintained are a great way to make the place attractive. I enjoyed relaxing in Mary's Park in the evenings.
I visited from August 3rd to August 6th, 2017. The fantastic place has great sights and is a very active place. Went mountain climbing, saw a couple of churches, and enjoyed the church of our lady of treat in all its glory as well as small churches, some that were hidden on the hillside.
It exhibits a marvelous beauty in design and painting. It is peaceful and quiet i loved taking a moment there to explore the place
The park behind the church was fabulous and i had a peaceful walk that was refreshing.
We toured the church and it was fantastic with small beautiful building and awesome interior design and dazzling art work.
Baroque construction style used in the shrine speaks into the cultural heritage of the location. I loved touring through the various compartments of the shrine and getting to learn about the culture of the people who worshipped here.
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