Vladimir Nazor Park


At the end of the 19th century, the brother of the Austro-Hungarian Emperor and King Francis Joseph, Archduke Joseph, bought a villa and park from the then mayor of Ciotte, not far from the Governor's Palace and near the Leshnjak water source. A park is being built, which is later renamed Vladimir Nazor Park, which adorns the promenade along the park with the murmur of fountains and local swans and colorful flora.

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51000, Rijeka


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very good!!!
The most romantic place i have visited . It made my honeymoon a fairytale. A masterpiece of nature with the fountains and swans.
This is the Vladimir Nazar city park I visited and enjoyed my stay there on a tour trip. At the place I ran around, played with a kite, saw many animals and flowers, danced and finally enjoyed a glass of wine with my friends.
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