Church of Our Lady of Trsat


Of course, the trip to Rijeka would not be complete without a tour of its religious structures.
You don’t have to be religious to appreciate these phenomenal buildings because you’ll love them for their art and architectural design. The shrine of Our Lady of Trsat is the center of pilgrimage in the country and is the largest. According to locals, angels rested here while carrying the Virgin Mary of Nazareth before moving it to Loreto across the Adriatic Sea. Since then it has been a destination for pilgrims, praying inside the chapel that was built on the site.

If you are curious about what the pilgrims find when they go here, you can follow in their footsteps by climbing the stairs of Petar Kruzhich, which was built in 1531 as a passage to the church. Along the stairs there are smaller chapels where pilgrims come and rest.

The shrine and church are open to the public without paying entrance fees, but donations are accepted.

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Frankopanski trg, 51000, Rijeka


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