Zaostrog is a tourist place and port along the Adriatic Sea in southern Dalmatia, Croatia. It is located between Makarska and Ploche. It consists of two parts, the older part below the steep limestone part of the Biokovo mountain range and the newer coastal belt. Zaostrog was first called "Ostrog" and was one of the larger cities of the Narentine pirates.
The village is dominated by the more than half-millennium-old Franciscan monastery of St. Mary of the Assumption, which has an open-air museum, ethnological collection, gallery and a large archive with over 30,000 titles, including 400-year-old incanabula, which form a significant part of Dalmatian history.

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very good!!!
If you want to have a lifetime experience of fun then visit zaostrog. My buddies and I have been coming here for a long time. We love its wineries and vineyards as we can enjoy fresh sparkling wines at good prices. We always have an exciting vacation.
I came here with my wife for our honeymoon. We had a good time. The boat trips especially were a lot of fun. The parasailing was even more fun. I highly recommend it for all couples.
This is a very startling town. Very nice to take walks and admire the monuments and statues that will leave you awestruck. I will always remember that vacation that I stayed here. I hope to visit again soon.
This town is famous for many reasons. My friends and I came to check it out and we were impressed. All the fun here especially at the beautiful beaches. Clear waters and sandy shores, perfect for swimming. It was a memorable trip.
I loved this quiet and peaceful town. My husband and I visited to relax after a long year. Tranquil places to visit and enjoy quiet time. Especially the beautiful churches. Attending mass here was very calming. The trip really refreshed us.
My kids love visiting zaostrog. They especially love the board games, gaming consoles, and swimming pools found in the classy resorts. I enjoy the fitness rooms and the balcony views during the entrancing sunsets. Every family should visit this town.