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Mlaska Beach is located in Sucuraj on the island of Brac, not far from the camp of the same name. The beach is semicircular and follows the coastline all the way to the part reserved for nudists. The beach is made of fine pebbles and stones with some paved parts ideal for sunbathing. The entrance to the sea is gentle, convenient and very shallow. The seabed is covered with a combination of sand and small stones. The beach is a favorite among young people and families with children. Nearby there is a camp that has all the necessary facilities for easier rest (showers, toilets, changing cabins). There are no additional catering facilities on the beach but you will find a restaurant with very tasty food nearby. Also, the beach has natural shade although most of it is constantly exposed to the sun. Be sure to bring proper protection.

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Basking in the hot sun under the shade of my rented equipment gave me a relaxing sensation. It was all I needed to clear my mind and prepare for work. I shall visit again soon with my girlfriends and family members.
very good!!!
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