Mlaska Beach


A bay with a sandy beach and incomparable sunsets, a restaurant with Dalmatian and international cuisine and a camp you never want to leave again - this is Camp Mlaska in the eastern part of the island of Hvar, near the ferry port Sućuraj.

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Place Type

public beach


Island of Hvar

Place Location

21450, Hvar


(4 reviews)
Hearing this place has camping literally gave me an excitement to visit.The place was beautiful and the restaurant had quite an interesting menu. The cuisine there was better than I thought to be honest. Enjoying the sunrise and sunset was the highlight of it all.The magical moments experienced here was really worth going back to.
The beach is easily accessible either by the use of a bicycle, on foot or boat. Personally I used a scooter. Mlaska offers buoys for safety unlike other beaches and this made me love it even more.
Mlaska beach should be in your bucket list. I had planned to spend only a half a day in this place but I ended spending the whole weekend. I still didn't even do half of the activities that are available in this place. I will definitely be back next summer for a continuity of fun.
very good!!!
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