Smokvina Beach


The big pier on this beach provides enough space for sunbathing or jumping into the sea, and if you come by boat you have laces to anchor your boat. The apartments are located a meter from the sea, so if you do not want to leave this beautiful place you can book accommodation.

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Place Type

public beach


Island of Hvar

Place Location

D116, 21467, Bogomolje


(3 reviews)
A beautiful boat ride with my wife and some friends was really worth visiting this place. We needed some time away from kids and decided that this is the place to visit. The place is very calm and fulfilling. Nothing much goes on in this beach but we really enjoyed our boat ride around this place.
If at all you love diving then this is the place to be. This is because of the nice view underwater. I went there with my elderly grandparents and the place was a perfect fit for them too.
very good!!!
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