The town of Vrgorac is an interesting and authentic Dalmatian tourist destination. It is called the pearl of the Dalmatian hinterland due to its geographical position (namely the city is surrounded by native fields), natural beauties, favorable climatic conditions and rich cultural and historical heritage.This town of hidden Biokovo Dalmatia, is a true oasis of mild Mediterranean and continental climate and clean air permeated with an abundance of scents of Mediterranean and medicinal plants. The cultural and historical heritage of the town of Vrgorac goes deep into the past. The prehistoric life of this area and its Illyrian inhabitants are evidenced by numerous hillforts, piles and various found objects, tools, weapons, money and jewelry, as traces of the oldest settlements.Today, the city of Vrgorac is the administrative, political, cultural, and economic center of the Vrgorac region.

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Charming place with rich historic story and we witnessed some of the evidences that shows the great history of the place. From tools to weapons and even jewelry those were some of the fascinating things that explained the history and the cultural heritage of the place.
I came to this place to enjoy the summer sun. I loved swimming and sunbathing on the pebbled beaches. I played ball games and bloated. I had a great time.
The landmarks that are present at the town are wonderful and gorgeous. We visited the monuments as we walked around the town with the help of the guide and it was the best thing that happened to us. We had a great time and we enjoyed the tour.
We had a couple of churches that we visited and the church Of Annunciation Of The Blessed Virgin Mary was the outstanding one. We had a tour around and it was peaceful with lots of amazing things to learn of an see too. We enjoyed the tour and the altar was beautiful and remarkable.
The castle that we visited was lovely and we got to know the history of the place and enjoyed the wonderful things . Great walk through the amazing place and one of my best moments at the tour.
very good!!!
We had an amazing time on the bike trails as we were cycling across Vrgorac and we enjoyed the landscape of the place. It was refreshing.