Gradac is located on a gentle slope covered with olive groves and pine forests. It is an attractive tourist place with one of the most beautiful and longest beaches not only on the Makarska Riviera but also on the entire Adriatic coast. Recreational facilities include a number of sports fields and water sports equipment. In addition to the excellent gastronomic offer, there are also numerous feasts attended by the population of other neighboring places (Drvenik, Brist). The economy is based on agriculture, viticulture, olive growing, fishing and tourism. South of the port is the town of Gornja Vala, which has the largest and most beautiful beach on the entire Makarska Riviera

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very good!!!
I love the surroundings of this place, the olive trees and pine trees that magnify the beauty of this place. We rested under the shades of the pine trees that had a cool atmosphere.I loved the beaches in this place that have clear clean water.
We engaged in lots recreational activities with my friends such as water sports and field sports. Canoeing and kayaking was the most exciting water activity that i engaged in. In the field sports activities, i loved playing football with my friends.
We joined the locals in feasts and they were friendly to us. We bought olive oil and wines produced in this place to take back home. My family loved the items we bought them and wished to visit this place like us.
This town has one of the best wine-tasting experiences ever. My boys and I came here on a trip and we really enjoyed visiting the vineyards and tasting all the exotic wines. It was a terrific trip.
The cool climate and serene environment at this place were a welcome change from the harsh city life. This place had a rich cultural heritage which I discovered when I visited the museum. The old castle was well kept and the guide who took me around was knowledgeable and friendly. I loved the botanic gardens the most.
I had a fantastic time visiting the town of Gradac. I found it very peaceful particularly after visiting the ancient monasteries. These were just the perfect place to practice deep breathing exercises and meditation. I left feeling very relaxed.