A small, picturesque tourist village and port, it is the easternmost place on the island of Hvar, and also the closest to the mainland. The history of this place is very turbulent and is described by many documents and monuments. Anyone who finds themselves in Sucuraj and wants to spend the day swimming and sunbathing can choose one of the many sandy, pebble or rocky beaches. The sea is crystal clear, and the temperature is more than pleasant from May to October.

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It was all smiles when we went parasailing at the sea and the the fun was on another level with the team work. We enjoyed the activity fully.
The beaches were amazing and not crowded that gave us enough space to have fun with balling activities and also swimming.
We had the chance of visiting the religious sites and monuments together with statue that were lovely and had to take pictures at these spectacular places.
very good!!!
We visited Suchuraj during the summer and loved the warm temperatures that ushered us there. My partner and I enjoyed walking on the pebbled beach during the day while we enjoyed the great cocktails from the restaurant. We had a great bonding time.
I learned about the history of the place from the documents in the great museums. As a history student i loved visiting the monuments that held a great history and i learned various things. It is a good place to have a class trip.
I loved participating in some of the sea games such as kayaking which was a new experience for me. The ferry experience was also an incredible, wss stunned hoe the equipment could carry such a large number of people and cars. I took several videos here.