In the center of the Croatian coast is Podgora, a small town located in the heart of Dalmatia, on the Makarska Riviera. Well known for its clear blue sea and breathtaking sunsets, you will enjoy your holiday in the light rhythm of this part of the world. Whether you are hiking, cultural exploration, sports or pure relaxation on the beach, Podgora is your perfect place to visit in the summer. It is adorned with a unique promenade that stretches through the place, with catering and accommodation units on one side and beautiful pebble beaches on the other.

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4.0 (1 review)
4.0 (1 review)

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very good!!!
I really had a great time in Podgora. I really admired the ancient monuments and statues that looked out of this world. The pictures I took here are some of the best in my wide travels. I recommend it to people looking to have a memorable trip.
My girlfriend and I love coming to this town. As hiking lovers, we enjoy hiking in the beautiful trails in the lush mountainside. They are also perfect for cycling. We are definitely visiting again this year.
Podgora town has some really magical places to have fun. My family vacationed here and fell in love with its lovely beaches. The sandy sea floor was perfect even for the kids to take a dip. It was a memorable experience.
My boys and I had a phenomenal time in this town. We went to taste the various varieties of wine and olive oils. The delicious oils were paired finely with bread and local cheese. We shall bring our girlfriends next time.
I really had a peaceful stay in this town. I especially enjoyed visiting the historic churches. Most of them had iconic buildings dating as far as the 16th century. I found them very serene and perfect to get lost in my thoughts.
Podgora town has a very bustling nightlife. My buddies and I unwinded at the seaside bars. There were lots of wine and beers while enjoying the unblemished views of the Adriatic sea. This town is just spectacular.