The town of Drvenik stretches into two bays (Gornja vala and Donja vala) and is located 24 km southeast of Makarska city. Its inhabitants are engaged in fishing, viticulture, olive growing and tourism. Beautiful wooded bays with drinking water sources and pebble and rocky beaches give Drvenik There is a ferry to Sucuraj on the island of Hvar and to Trpanj ( Pelješac peninsula) in Drvenik.Drvenik is also a great choice for a quiet holiday, but young people looking for fun can find something for themselves.

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very good!!!
I always come to this town during our anniversary. My wife loves sailing where we rent the yachts and wander into the beautiful Adriatic sea. The warm weather and stunning views are the perfect backdrops to have fun. This town is just another paradise.
Drvenik has always impressed me. I love visiting this town. I love the delicious seafood prepared in its glamorous restaurants. The fried sardines, calamari, and hamburgers are mouthwatering. I cant wait to be back.
My family has been vacationing here for some years now. We love its tranquility and the elegant apartments that we stay in. They are very affordable, comfortable, and convenient for the whole family. The mountain's views are just magical, especially during sunrise.
This town boasts of some of the best maintained hiking trails. The lush parks are perfect to take long walks while enjoying the sweet flower scents and the fresh air. It was a good experience.
We visited Drvenik town to enjoy a restful vacation. It never disappointed. Very serene town and its spas gave the best services. After the deep massages, I slept like a baby. I recommend this town.
I and my friends loved this town during our trip. I vividly remember going cycling around the town as we took pictures of the fascinating surroundings. The trip was worth it.