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Skywalk Biokovo is an amazing horseshoe-shaped platform located on a cliff with a beautiful glass promenade. It is located at an incredible altitude of 1228 meters where specific weather conditions prevail. In front of the info-center there is a geological pillar formed the area of ​​Biokovo from its beginnings to the present day with a geological timeline and description of the age and type of rocks.The lookout can have 30 visitors.Visitors can reach the lookout Ravna Vlaška and Skywalk by the so-called Biokovo road leading from the main entrance to Biokovo Nature Park, state road D512 (Makarska-Vrgorac) to the highest peak Sveti Jure.
The working hours of the Skywalk lookout are from 8 am to 4 pm, depending on the weather conditions. The last entrance for visitors at the Park reception is at 15:00.

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