The village of Gdinj is located along the main road, east of the village called Zastražišće. There are many interesting clusters of stone houses, old balconies and courtyards, while different aromatic plants radiate their scents from the nature that surrounds you. Church of the Renaissance and Baroque style of St. Juraj, built in the 16th century, is about 800 m away from the village center.

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The aromatic plants from the surrounding nature radiated their scents glorifying the magical beauty of mother nature. The baroque style of this place is an eye catcher. I took a selfie at the old balconies.
We visited the village of Gdinj to take a break from our usual lives. The place is stunning with aromatic plants, stone houses and aged balconies. We visited Baroque style od st, Juraj and Church of the Renaissance. Staying was restful and gave us the much needed break.
The nature at the village brings out the best of the place. We enjoyed the tour to the church as we walked to the place and loved the great architectural piece of work that the building has. The interior design was top notch as well as the history of the place.
This town is so amazing and its cultural heritage has been preserved. Even by looking at its cluster units you could just tell how people used to live. The Church of St. Juraj was absolutely wonderful. Its ancient painting was marvelous
My fiance brought me to this place because of its romantic features. Different plants produce aromatic scents in the evening. We took long strokes amidst these plants. It was amazing.
very good!!!