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Solaric Beach is located in a tourist attractive city - Makarska, within the beautiful park-forest Osejava. The beach has a spectacular appearance, especially popular because of the amazing blue color and clarity of the sea, which attracts both tourists and locals every day in the summer months, so do not be surprised if you see larger crowds. You can easily reach the beach on foot or by car (above the beach there is a parking lot, but often all places are occupied). The beach is relatively large, semicircular and made entirely of smaller smooth pebbles, and the seabed as well. On both sides the beach is sheltered with high steep slopes that fall into the sea. Above the beach stretches a grove and a large park where you can find shelter from the sun and natural shade. It is also a favorite place of recreation for the locals of Makarska. The entrance to the sea is shallow, gentle and suitable for all ages. There are no additional facilities or facilities on the beach, so bring the appropriate things you need for a beach holiday. But if you still decide to look for refreshment in one of the beach or cafe bars and restaurants, don't worry - everything is at your fingertips. The center of Makarska is also not far, it is within walking distance, so you can explore in peace all the sights, attractions and attractions that the city offers

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My friends and i were up for adventure so we visited the beautiful park fores Osejava before cooling ourselves off at the beautiful blue sea. We then toured the town and had a little adventure (mountaineering overhangs Makarska).
The amazing blue colored sea is a nice sight when visiting this small smooth pebbled beach. There is a grove and a large park that gives a natural shade from the sun and summer heat. There are no additional facilities here so carry everything you might need, i enjoyed swimming here. There are beaches and restaurants nearby for refreshments.
I loved ziplining with my kids along the beach as we watched through the clear waters, and activities taking place on the sea bed. I enjoyed experiencing the cool breeze beat my face and the adrenaline of moving over the open waters.
very good!!!
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