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Garma Beach is located in a small tourist attraction Tucepi not far from Makarska, or on the Makarska Riviera. The beach is easily accessible by car or on foot if you are nearby. The beach has a rocky or stony character - the coast is dotted with lower rocks, and on each side of the higher rocks and cliffs obscure the beach from the public eye and form a small bay. The entrance to the sea is gentle, passable, shallow and suitable for all ages. The sea is warm, clear and incredibly clean. There are no additional facilities or facilities on the beach, so be sure to bring everything you need. If you still decide to find refreshment in one of the restaurants or cafes, do not worry - you will find them nearby. Also, Makaraska is not too far away, so very easily after a vacation on the beach you can go there to explore all the attractions and attractions.

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This rocky beach has a shalow and gentle sea entrance ideal for everyone to swim in the warm clear sea. There are no addtional facilities on the beach best to carry everything you might need. There are restaurants and cafe nearby for refreshments. Makaraska is close by so you can go and explore the attractions available here.
Being a lover of nature he beach is ideal for nature lovers and naturists. I visited the beach alone since i needed some time to unwind. I had a swim in the clean shallow sea and later rested as i enjoyed the sound of waves which were so calming.
I enjoyed strolling around the beautiful beach and enjoying the beautiful environment. I particularly loved exploring the rocky areas and discovering the different forms of life that had created homes in the crevices. It was a great learning and relaxing experience.
very good!!!
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