Jezero Valley - Lake Valley Stasevica


This large, spacious valley, surrounded by hills and mountains, bathed in sunshine, is often referred to as the largest vineyard in Croatia.

Its soil is incredibly fertile, perhaps because it was once the bottom of a lake that was drained after a tunnel was built to take the excess water away and make the ground arable. Sitting near the village Stashevica, with the river Matica cutting through it, this valley is rather impressive.

One green field after another, shade after shade, dotted with vineyard lanes and lined with numerous maze-like cycling paths, and trees adorning the riverbank of Matica, this place feels like a whole new realm. It is the perfect place for cycling and the perfect place for wine tasting, so if you are in the area consider booking a wine tasting tour.

The local grape sort ‘trnak’ gives one of the best wines in Croatia.

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