Usce Beach


Usce Beach is a beautiful sandy beach that was created at the mouth of the Neretva River, where the Neretva meets the Adriatic Sea. Usce Beach is several kilometers long. The tides can be quite different during the day. Next to the beach there is a camp Rio, where you can find additional facilities, rest and refreshment from swimming and sunbathing.

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20343, Komin


(6 reviews)
It was appealing to the eye to watch the sea tides make movement on the sea. the wind that came with the tides was refreshing and relaxing. And the sound of the sea waves created a music to my ears.
My wife and i first visited the small place called Komin before heading to the beach. We fell in love with the place and enjoyed the famous Neretva fruit - homemade tangerines, peaches, plums and pomegranate. She even carried some. To finish the day we headed to the sandy beach and enjoyed swimming in the clear sea.
The sandy beaches offered the best feeling for swimming and sunbathing. The additional facilities available were and we enjoyed listening to the sound of tides all day under the shade.
This beach is suitable for swimming, however the tides can be quite different during the day. There is a camp where you can get additional facilities like toilets and rest and refreshment from swimming.
The camp found in the beach offered with meals and refreshments. I loved the foods served here by the pleasant friendly staff who were ready to serve at a command. A lovely ambient atmosphere to escape reality.
very good!!!
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