The city of Kastav, located on a rocky hill above the sea, contains several important city squares in its structure, which as gathering places represent extremely important public spaces, each of which was formed in a specific way. The walls of Kastav are one of the most fully preserved complexes of city walls from the end of the 15th and the beginning of the 16th century and a valuable monument of Croatian fortification architecture. The system of walls was built as a "fortress within a fortress", the outer part of which forms a defensive wall around the entire settlement, and the inner part around the parish church. The walls, whose circumference is about 750 m, enclose an irregularly shaped surface, measuring about 27,000 m². Six of the former seven towers in the outer rampart and three towers that define the plateau with the church of St. Helena Križarica.

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A great place if you want to stay near Rijeka for a longer period. A beautiful small town, with a wonderful sea view, and very close by car to all places
We had a fabulous family outing in Kastav as we visited unique places with historical heritage. Kastav is beautiful in general.
I found Kastav to be staggering with outdoor activies and outdoor meals as well. A great place to play and eat.
We got fantastic memories of Kastav as we hiked here. Having a short walk and longer one makes it a curious place one will want both.
Kastav has a lot of adventurous activities. My husband and I went kayaking and stand-up paddling and enjoyed the magical waters. That was the most memorable trip of our lives.
My friends and I fell in love with this town. We especially loved going windsurfing and the adrenaline rush because the waves left us thrilled. We later hit its vibrant beach bars to unwind. This town is just spectacular.
Kastav is a first-class town when it comes to relaxation. I visit regularly and enjoy walking on its beautiful streets and stopping in the art galleries to view art collections. Am always looking forward to a visit.