Uchka Nature Park


Mount Uchka rises along the coast of the northern Adriatic. The proximity of the sea has resulted in a specific climate and lush forest vegetation, with many rare and protected plant and animal species. From the top of the tower you can admire a magnificent panoramic view of Rijeka, the Kvarner islands and Istria.Uchka Mountain offers various sports and recreational activities, such as hiking, free climbing, mountain biking and hang-gliding, and is a place for various sports competitions and races. you will find a variety of groomed hiking, biking, educational and hiking trails.The visitor program includes various workshops and programs for children, as well as guided tours with experienced guides.

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Uchka Nature Park
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Charming landscape that is attractive for anybody and when we visited the place we enjoyed our time at the place. We went climbing and educational hike through the hills and it was interesting. We had fun and loved our trip through it all.
This place had the most amazing pristine scenery and beautiful natural vegetation. I loved the sunset walks into the village and the morning runs. I enjoyed myself at this place.
This place was the best for camping. I came here with my family and enjoyed outdoor activities for five days. My children enjoyed playing hide and seek games in the woods and they also learned new games.
The view of this place from far was amazing. I was pleased by how well it was organizes. I loved walking around the park and stayed behind to watch the sunset. The serene environment cool and the fresh air refreshing.
very good!!!
We found a lot of rare and protected plant and animal species in the lush forest found in this park. From the top of the tower we enjoyed the panoramic view of Rijeka and the surrounding Islands. We also engaged in various sports and recreational activities such as hiking, free climbing and also mountain biking and hang gliding.
My children and i visited this park for a relaxing stay and bonding. While here, we engaged in various activities such as hiking, hang gliding and mountain climbing. the kids were happy and recharged.