Dog Beach at Punta kolova


Opatija is a great place for a holiday if you’re taking your dog along with you.

Not only is it a pet-friendly town but it also has its own dog beach. You’ll find it half way between Opatija and Ichichi, at the location Punta kolovo. You can easily reach it by car, but also via the Opatija promenade.

This beach is separated from the rest of the coast with rocks and trees, and from the promenade by a fence and a gate, so your furry friends will be able to run, frolic and swim with their leash off.

The beach is equipped with a shower, trash cans, and plenty of natural shade. The terrain is made of pebbles and thus comfortable enough for both you and your dogs to sit or lie down. If you are in Opatija or Ichichi, don’t miss to treat your pets with a day on the beach.

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(4 reviews)
My dogs enjoyed this pet friendly beach . The beach was easily accessible , rocky and has trees also it is a fenced beach suitable for dogs to run around. This beach has all facilities needed from showers to trash cans . Natural shade is also available.
The Dog beach has a long pebble coastline that is suitable for morning runs or just evening walks. I enjoyed the view of the sun setting in the horizon. It was such a nice place to be in. I would surely advise anyone to visit this beautiful beach.
I loved how this location was equipped to accommodate my two dogs, Puppy, and Bridgy. I enjoyed relaxing with them at the beach and also watching them play around in the playground area. I was glad that I could tour around with them.
very good!!!
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