Top 15 beaches in Opatija and its riviera


Opatija and its riviera have been a favourite tourist destination since the end of the nineteenth century. Its vistas are full of beautiful villas where tourists from all over the then Austro-Hungarian Empire stayed and enjoyed the benefits of the Mediterranean climate. Opatija has its own lovely promenade that follows the coast line and makes all the beaches easily and quickly accessible. We have selected fifteen of the best and pretties of Opatija’s beaches, some old and famous, some new and modern, but all adorned with a beautiful view of the bay and the distant islands of Cres and Krk.


1. Slatina Beach

Slatina Beach is the main town beach in Opatija and as such excellently equipped for a full day stay. In addition to showers and toilets, the beach also has sunbathing plateaus and a large selection of sports and entertainment facilities for children and adults. There are truly plenty of restaurants and bars around it to accommodate for everyone, so after swimming and sunbathing you can go lunch or just sit for coffee, drinks and ice cream or pancakes. If you need an extra beach towel or flip flops, there is a shop on the beach where you can purchase them. This beach has been awarded the Blue Flag certificate so it is accessible to people with disabilities.

2. Tomashevac beach

Tomashevac beach is rich in entertainment and sports amenities for the kids, so it is known as the children's beach. In addition to trampolines, slides and children's playground, the concrete part of the beach is convenient for sunbathing. The sandy part of the beach offers easy access into the shallow sea, perfect for frolicking and ball games.

3. Dog beach - Punta kolovo

If you are going on a holiday to Opatija, there is no reason why you should not take your dog with you - this town has a beach reserved for dogs only. You can reach it by car, but also from the Opatija promenade. On this pebble beach your four-legged friends will be able to enjoy swimming, running and fetch off leash.

4. Ichichi beach

In addition to a beautiful marina, the village of Ichichi near the town of Opatija can also boast a large beach full of amenities. You can play tennis and beach volleyball, dive, go sailing or paragliding, play football, badminton and even waterpolo.

Your kids can have fun on the children’s playground, and following that you can all have lunch and ice cream together at one of the several nearby restaurants. The beach has been awarded the Blue Flag certificate, a guarantee to the quality of the sea, as well as to the large selection of additional facilities.

5. Chrnikovica beach

Located in the resort of Volosko near Opatija, this beach is partly pebble and partly concrete. Its sandy seabed makes water access easy, shallow on one side and thus suitable for children and the elderly, and great if you want to play volleyball or ‘picigin’.

In addition to showers and toilets, there are cafes and restaurants nearby, and you can sunbathe in the sun deck section. The beach has been recently renovated in retro style and is reminiscent of the baths and beaches from the early twentieth century.

6. Lido beach

Lido beach is a part of the Lido Beach Resort Center and will meet even the highest standards of the most demanding guests. It is located in the center of Opatija, and in addition to the option of renting beach umbrellas and deck chairs, there’s also a beach bar and the option of booking a massage. If you want to pamper yourself, this beach is the perfect place for it.

7. Lipovica beach

If you are taking a walk along the Opatija promenade in the direction of Volosko, take a break at this small family beach. Far enough from the summer crowds and yet easily accessible, it is an ideal choice if you want a slightly more pleasant, private atmosphere. It has a small children's playground and a cafe, so it’s a great option if you don’t want to swim and sunbathe, but still want to enjoy the summer evening and watch the sunset.

8. Kvarner beach

This beloved beach in Lovran is especially attractive to young people and teenagers. During the day you can entertain yourself with swimming, sunbathing and a selection of sports activities. After sunset, cafes and bars open their doors and decks to music, dancing and cocktails, offering summer night fun until the early morning hours.

9. Medveja beach

This beautiful pebble beach embraced by a pine tree forest is associated with an ancient Greek legend about the sorceress Medea. And we believe that, just like this Greek heroine, you will recognize why the beach is so special and magical. During the day you will be delighted by its landscape, but also great entertainment options, which include an aqua park. Stop by in the evening, too, when the beach bar and the cafe become the stars of summer night’s fun.

10. Peharovo beach

This beach is perhaps the quietest place on Opatija’s riviera. Embraced by a pine tree wood on one side and the calm blue of the sea on the other, it possesses a serenity you will not find on any other beach. You will become a part of the Mediterranean nature here, whether you are swimming, sunbathing or just relaxing on the sun deck. In the evenings, this place breathes summer romance, perfect for beach walks or going for a drink in the beach’s restaurant.

11. Sipar beach

Sipar beach is one of the seven beaches and coves that stretch along the bay of Moshchenichka Draga. This popular and well equipped beach is also the bearer of the Blue Flag. It has a very good selection of cafes and restaurants, a turquoise sea and a beautiful view of the Mediterranean trees and old villas that border its promenade. There is an air of gentle and relaxed Mediterranean romance about it, so you will enjoy it at any time of day or night.

12. Shkrbichi beach

This Opatija beach is known for its semicircular sun plateau and pine trees that provide shade even during the early afternoon hours. There is also a small children's playground here, which makes the beach suitable for a family visit. It is surrounded by trees, villas, and rocks that separate it from the rest of the coast line. The view extends to the open sea, with the silhouette of the island of Krk visible in the far distance.

13. Angiolina beach

This beach is actually a beach complex wrapped in vintage clothes and luxury. The exterior is reminiscent of the old Opatija beaches from the beginning of the twentieth century, equipped with lounge sun mattresses on wooden platforms.

While admiring the sea view, you can order a drink, but also have lunch at the restaurant located within the Angiolina complex.

14. Preluk beach

Located five kilometers from Opatija in the direction of Rijeka, this beach is a favourite among the inhabitants of Kvarner an Opatija alike. Its most attractive features are the big shade of the pine forest trees and free parking in close vicinity. It ha showers and changing booths, and a beach bar. During the day it offers a nice selection of fast food, coffee and drinks, and in the evening you can relax here and chat with the locals over beer and music.

15. Ika beach

Ika beach is ideal if you want to avoid the summer crowds without having to look for remote, hidden beaches. It is located in the suburb of Opatija called Ika and is equipped with basic amenities. There is a section designated for children's entertainment, and a cafe where you can sit for coffee or a cold drink.

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I visited Ika beach with my kids, its location away from the noisy crowded town is what fascinated me most. The guide didn't lie to note that, this beach has a designated space for kids entertainment. My kids enjoyed every bit of their stay here.
I loved walking on barefoot on the soft and pebbled beaches. My boyfriend and loved the Ika Beaches for their locations in the suburbs, therefore reassuring us of our privacy. Just as stated in the exceptional guide, there was an amazing cafe providing great coffee.
While sunbathing at the Angiolina Beach on the sun lounger , I marveled at the beauty of the sea view.The exterior look of the beach transformed its ambience into a lovely and beautiful place to behold especially when you it being wrapped in vintage clothes. Had an awesome experience touring this place.
This wonderful guide helped us to decide the most favourite places to visit while here. We toured nine locations out of the fifteen and we had the best times of our lives. We stayed in one of the villas which has beautiful sceneries.
I learned from the guide about the beautiful beaches in this place. I went to the dog beach where people with dogs relaxed alongside their dogs. The Ichichi beach was great as well as the Lifo beach. I had a great time thanks for the guide.
I was not aware of the so many beautiful beaches in Opatija. I learned about it from the guide and Was amazed. I enjoyed myself moving from one beach to another. The Ichichi beach and the Slatina beach were my best. Thanks to your clear guides. They were helpful.
On arrival, we parked our car at the free parking area in close vicinity. We were served with a wide selection of fast foods and drinks during the day, in the evening , we chatted with the locals as we enjoyed beer with a lively aura of music in the backdrop. Thanks to the guide for informing us about the changing booths, we were not worried of where to change or shower after swimming in the beach.