Peharovo Beach


This beach takes all the elements of nature and blends them into a perfect harmony of peace and quietness.

Its rich pine tree forest will beckon to you with its deep shade, the calm blue of its sea will invite you for a refreshing swim, and its pebbles will be perfect for an post-swim break. For additional privacy and relaxation you can find your place on one of the small sunbathing plateaus, perfect if you want to spend the afternoon with a book or immerse yourself in the Mediterranean landscape with your favourite music. If you’d like to have coffee, tea or a good lunch, the charming restaurant located on the beach has all of it on offer.

And if the pines, sea and sand bring out the romantic in you, this beach will be ideal for walks under the starry sky and evening drinks overlooking the night sea.

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public beach



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Šetalište maršala Tita, 51415, Lovran


(4 reviews)
Being a fan of reading and enjoying some good music with a coffee on my hand,this beach just got nothing but 5 stars from me. I was able to drown myself in the cool breeze,enjoyed a good swim,basked on the pebbles to get a good tan and took a late night stroll to enjoy the stars.The amazing bar was also an icing on the cake.Totally loved this beach.
Hands down the best beach I have even been to. My partner and I were visiting some friends in Germany and decided why not visit Peharovo beach! The view was heavenly and the atmosphere there was magical. Would highly recommend the place.
Peace, tranquil, calm, placid, and serene is what you will experience when you visit the Peharovo beach. I took a break from the busy city to this beautiful beach and I could not get enough of it. the rush green vegetation behind the beach makes it the perfect place to spend a quality time with yourself. Swimming in the cool clear waters is indeed refreshing.
very good!!!
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