Veprinac is a beautiful medieval town within Opatija in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, which you can reach by a hiking trail directly from Opatija, enjoying the amazing view. This small place is rich in cultural and historical heritage. The first of them is the church of St. Mark and its recognizable bell tower. On the way to Uchka you will also come across the ancient chapel of St. Ana, which is painted on the inside with drawings dating back to the 15th century. In Veprinac there is also an interesting Ethno collection in which about two hundred well-preserved objects exhibiting the former way of life are exhibited.Just like the surrounding town of Volosko, Veprinac was a significant center long before the tourist Opatija was created. It was probably built on the foundations of a prehistoric hillfort, and the origin of the name is usually associated with the boar plant, which grows in abundance here. In the historical heritage of Veprinac, the Veprinac Act of 1507, which regulated the customs and regulations of the time, is particularly important.

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As an ethnologist, i was excited to see an interesting Ethno collection that exhibits the former way of life of the people. Chapel of St Ana was of interest to me, i loved the drawings painted on the inside of the church, they reminded me of the ancient times( 15th Century). It is easy to locate Veprinac due to Church of St Mark whose landmark is a bell tower.
I went shopping at the supermarket where I found all the things that I wanted This place had a market where I bought fresh fruits and vegetables. I enjoyed walking in the olive groves and vineyards. I also played tennis and enjoyed horseback riding.
My visit to Veprinac was a wonderful experience, with the hike to the town being a wonderful experience. The sights to enjoy during the hike are a lot and breathtaking. The beauty of the place however, is how much it is rich in cultural and historical heritage and this makes it not only a place to come and sight see, but also a place to experience a different type of culture.
very good!!!