Volosko is a beautiful town near Opatija known for its top restaurants and taverns. We can say that Volosko is actually an introduction to Lungomare, Opatija's favorite promenade that takes you all the way to Lovran. Swimmers are regular guests of this fishing village because the always relaxing beach Chrnikovica awaits them there. Namely, at a time when Opatija did not yet exist as a fashionable tourist destination, Volosko was the seat of the district, a trading port and an administrative center. Today, Volosko has lost its importance, but it remains a favorite place of those who like the charming character of the place. Today, Volosko is synonymous with good gastronomy - from typical taverns and fish markets where you can enjoy local specialties, to top restaurants that have found their place where they have found their place in the world's most prestigious gourmet guides - all this offers Volosko, and much more.

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Volosko is a very quiet seaside town that I really found peaceful. I especially enjoyed taking walks in its beautiful streets and later in the day watching the magical sunsets. This town is just a breath of fresh air. I recommend it for a visit.
My buddies and I had a blast in this town. We especially enjoyed hitting the beach bars to cool off with the amazing beers and wines sold here. At night, they are very lively and full of life. We already booked another trip so as to have more fun.
I always come to Volosko looking for peace of mind after a long year. I especially find serenity while taking evening stand-up paddleboarding trips while enjoying the calm scenic views of the sea. This town just calms my nerves every time I visit.
This town has a very attractive beach full of beautiful rocks to bask on. My family had a wonderful time swimming in the clear waters on the beaches. The quiet surroundings made the whole experience peaceful and very restful. We look forward to another trip.
My family and I look forward to another visit to this charming seaside town. We had a wonderful time taking nature walks and picnics in the lush gardens found here. The kids enjoyed playing games in the splendid grass. I recommend this town to all families.
I am always eager to visit this fabulous town. I especially enjoy visiting its lovely casinos where I get to enjoy poker, slots, and blackjack with the friendly locals. The upbeat ambiance always lifts my mood. It's such a terrific town.
There are lots of adventures to try out in this town. I really enjoyed taking walks and trying out all the lovely and trendy cafes here. The coffee was very delicious and the vibe was very homely. The locals are very warm and I found this town very relaxing.