Medveja is a small settlement on the beginnings of the Istrian coast, approximately 3 kilometers away from Lovran.It lies on the eastern coast of Istria (Rijeka Bay) between Lovran and Moshchenichka Draga in the southwest in a picturesque bay with a pebble beach. The population is engaged in tourism (namely here you can find several hotels, apartments, private accommodation, camp).The area was inhabited in prehistory (caves on the slopes of Uchka, hillforts), and probably in Roman times and in the Middle Ages. The Italian name (Medea) is romantically associated with Medea and the legend of the Argonauts. Medveja developed from a small fishing village with the development of tourism in Opatija and Lovran, and forms the southern end of the Opatija Riviera.Recreational walks from Medveja to Lovranska Draga (3 km) or towards Uchka are popular there.

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