Trail Kastav-Zviric-Stanic-Brajani


In this tour, you also start from the old town, ie from Fortica, and enter the forests of Loza and Lužina. The arranged path follows the road to the intersection Zviric, continues to the rest area Stanic where you can refresh yourself and eat something delicious and leads to the village Brajani where you return to Kastav by a roundabout. The length of this trail is a little more than 9 kilometers, and the journey will take about 3 hours.

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very good!!!
The highest peak in the location provided us with a magnificent view of the Kastav hinterland and Kvarner bay.
Wonderful place to visit and see the Glagolitic city statute that is erected and we loved the place. We loved the trip through the places and it was spectacular We had amazing photography at the place and it was remarkable.
My friends and I had an amazing time walking the trail. It was full of nature, historical sites and cool breeze.
Hiking through the woody vegetation was a revitalizing experience. next time I will bring along my sons who enjoy hiking.
Our visit aolng the trait of Kastav was fabulous. I enjoyed my beer in one of the stop. There are a lot of Cafes and restaurants on the way.
The Historic site in this place was quite mesmirizing. I took a nature walk and it was relaxing. I really enjoyed my trip.
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