Trail Kastav - Jelovicani - Breza - Mackov vrh - Sparozna Cave - Stanic - Brajani


The walk along this third trail starts in the old town, ie from Fortica. Exiting the forest road, follow the marked eco trail and pass through the surrounding villages of Jelovicani and Breza. The ascent to Machkov vrh leads you to the resort where you can find refreshment and rest, and also enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of Ucka and Gosrka Kotar. Further on, the trail follows the Sparozna pit to the Stanic rest area, and returns in a circle to Kastav. The length of the trail is 16 and a half kilometers, and the round trip and tour will take about 5 hours.

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very good!!!
The highest peak in the location provided us with a magnificent view of the Kastav hinterland and Kvarner bay.
Picking grapes of all variety is a common task we engaged in. Eating the sweet ripe grapes is something I enjoyed. I like this place so much.
there was so much to see and experience along this trail, from the cemetery, church old watch tower...the villages along the trail offer a welcoming presence and rest incase of a detour. it felt good to have a workout and a lively experience at the same time
It was a great place I fancied. I did enjoy cycling and hiking in the trait of kastav. A good place for sporting events.
This place was mesmirizing. I found the nature to be captivating. It was quite an adventure especially trying to find treasures in the cave
The path was full of adventure and fun. i made new friends and took amazing photos of the beautiful scenery of the trees animals cave and river
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