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Zatoka Beach is located in a small town Primosten. The beach is made entirely of small white stones and the access to the sea is gentle, shallow. The sea here is extremely clean, clear and of superior quality and purity. Diving is especially popular because the underwater world is amazing and rich. Some rocks rise from the sea but do not make swimming difficult. There are no additional facilities or catering facilities on the beach, so be sure to bring everything you need for your vacation. Also, there is no private shade so be careful in the sun!

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The entrance to the beach is beautiful and the well-arranged small white stones made the entire beach look phenomenal. Even though there were no cafes around or trees to escape the sun, carrying an umbrella is enough to make you enjoy your moment
This beach offers a very beautiful view of the mountains around it. The easy accessibility of the sea make it better. There are restaurants and cafes where great meals are offered at an affordable price. This place is worth going to.
The deep sea diving was my favourite part after visiting the beach. The water was warm and clear and the underwater exploration was amazing with the sunlight beams reflecting nicely on the rocks underneath
very good!!!
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