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Garbina Beach is also called Rosi Beach, and is located in the center of Primosten. The beach is completely rocky, ie it is made of large stones, so it is not the first choice for families with children and the elderly. The entrance to the moire is not gentle, but quite difficult since there is no beach as such but only rocks. Above the 'beach' there is a promenade that runs through the city and where you will find everything you need - from cafes, shops, restaurants, etc. Also, there is no shade on Garbina, so be sure to protect yourself with sunscreen. In fact, this beach is a great place if you want to quickly and briefly refresh yourself in the sea, in the city center and move on.

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If you just want to pass by the beach and go back to your hotel then this is the beach to visit. The beach is very rocky hence not a perfect spot for families and elderly people.There is no shade so carry your sunscreen with you to avoid sunburns and no facility is around the beach so carry everything you'd need to the beach.
It is a great stop when you just want a uick refresh by the sea, thisrocky beach is not ieal for family visits due to it not having a gentle entrance to teh sea.Any required facilities are found in the promenade nearby which runs through the city. Carry sunscreen when visiting, it is also not very crowded.
I enjoyed sitting on the rocks that dominated the beach in this location and watching the sun set and rise. I also enjoyed going for a dive in the deep ocean waters that allowed me to explore underwater.
very good!!!
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