Rtic Beach


Rtic Beach is a small pebble beach, about 3 kilometers from the center of Primoshten. Along the beach is a lot of pine trees, which provide plenty of shade during the hot summer months. The beach is ideal for swimmers who prefer lesser-known, quieter beaches. There is an auto camp about 500 meters away, where there is a grocery store and a restaurant.

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Place Type

public beach



Place Location

D8, 22202, Primošten Burnji


(4 reviews)
I loved the calmness this small pebble beach, not only because of the calmness of the sea but also because of the few crowds visiting that make it a quiet place, I enjoyed taking a swim. My girlfriend enjoyed the shade provided by the pine trees nearby, making it a nice place to rest and relax in the summer heat. I would love to visit again.
It was easily accessible by road, it had less people and i had a nice peaceful swim in the waters, just ahead was a camping place, a grocery store and also a bar. The Rio Bar and grill was exceptional and was just on the edge of the beach
If you like some private alone swimming time then this beach is the perfect place. It is never crowded and the water is warm and clean with beautiful shade along the beach from pine trees. The shops and cafes are however not near the beach
very good!!!
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