Dagna Beach


Dagna Beach is a pebble beach near the center of Primoshten. The beach is not big, but there is no crowd here either. There is a bar on the beach. Along the central part of the beach, which is pebbly in type, there are rocky parts on the edges and they are equally suitable for sunbathing. There are a lot of trees on and around the beach, which provide natural shade during the summer heat.

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Place Type

public beach



Place Location

Šibenska Ul. 1C, 22202, Primošten


(6 reviews)
This pebbly beach is hidden from the public and offers some privace, something I really enjoyed, the absence of the typical summer crowds is apparent. The natural shade and a local coffe bar with wonderful refreshments make your visit so much relaxing. The gentle entrance to the sea is good for swimmers. When you visit carry everything you may need as you relax.
I enjoyed my sunbathing at the beach, part of it has rocks and pebbles, it was not crowded at all and the Bau bar offered wonderful refreshments as i basked under the shade of the surrounding trees, the weather was fine and the environment cool
If you want to just relax and sunbathe next to the sea I feel this pebble beach is best for you, it is less crowded with rocky parts that allow for sunbathing. The natural shade from the trees on and around the beach give a natural shade from the heat and a nice place to to relax as one enjoys refreshments from the bar on the beach, it has public amenities to serve the visitors. Would visit again to just unwind.
Degna beach has not yet gone out of my mind and almost a year past now. The experience here is exceptionally good. A perfect beach would be an understatement. I highly recommend this place. Go and experience it for yourself.
The minimal crowd at the beach was a perfect time to enjoy the sunbathing experience and the uninterrupted cool breeze from the sea. The plenty of trees around also provides enough shade for escaping the sun heat
very good!!!
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