Gradska plaza Beach


Gradska plazha (Town Beach) is a pebble beach in the center of Primosten, in a small bay between the peninsula and the mainland. It is well equipped, so swimmers have changing rooms, showers and lifeguards who take care of safety. Above the beach is a promenade with lots of natural shade. There are many shops, cafes and restaurants around the beach, so you can stock up on fruit, have a coffee or have lunch. The beach is suitable for families with small children due to the shallow entrance to the sea, and next to the beach is a mini aquapark for the youngest swimmers.

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public beach



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Raduča ul. 22, 22202, Primošten


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My children enjoyed the aqua park and the sporting events and also swimming in the sheltered pebble beach, showers and changing cabins are also available, we then took a walk in the promenade to get ice cream and later we had our full course meals in one of the restaurants, Surf and Fries, there is so much more to explore in the beach.
I love swimming and this pebble beach is just well placed for swimmers from the changing rooms, showers and lifeguards available it is just calling for anyone wanting to swim in the sea and still relax in the shade of the promenade above the beach. It also has places one can get food and refreshments, and it is ideal for families. It is visited by lots of people, but it is still worth visiting again.
Swimming is my hobby and this pebble beach is just perfect for swimmers .From the changing lounges to the showers and lifeguards available, it is a welcome invite for anyone. Shade is provided by the promenade above the beach. There are also places to get food and drinks, it is suitable for families. It is visited many people.However,it is worth visiting again.
very good!!!
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