Velika Raduca Beach


Velika Raduca Beach is located in the center of Primošten and is the largest beach in the town. It is pebbly by type. There is no natural shade, so we advise you to bring your own umbrella or rent it on the beach. It is possible to rent deck chairs, and showers are also available to visitors. Along the beach, there is a diverse offer of food and drinks in many cafes, restaurants and stalls.

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Place Type

public beach



Place Location

Raduča ul. 11, 22202, Primošten


(4 reviews)
It's a nice place to go and take some time from the city, You'll need an umbrella and sunscreen especially for summer visits. However, this pebble beach still boasts various cuisine from the different cafes,restaurants and stalls within. There are showers so no need to measure the fun.
I found it a nice place to go and enjoy taking a break from the city, I had to carry an umbrella and sunscreen for the luck of shade. However, this pebble beach still offers delicacies from the cafes,restaurants and stalls located there. There are showers for visitors so one can just let go and just enjoy the beach. A nice place to visit.
I was filled with happiness when i first saw the vast sea, since there were no pine trees i had to rent out a deck chair and an umbrella. There are also showers for those who want, there are quite a number of restaurants and cafes and stalls also do eat, drink and do shopping respectively. I loved the visit
very good!!!
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