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Mdm Beach is located near Primosten, or in the bay of Primosten Harbor. The beach is made of fine sand and gravel, sheltered by rocks on both sides, which gives you a sense of privacy. What is special about this beach is the view of the city of Primosten that reaches into the distance. The entrance to the sea is gentle and shallow, so it is especially convenient for families with children and the elderly. There are no additional facilities or catering facilities on the beach, so be sure to bring everything you need for your vacation.

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The view of the city of Primosten that reaches into the distance from this location is breathtaking. I took several photos for memory's sake. I also loved how private and secluded the location was, allowing me and my husband to have a blissful romantic getaway.
In my opinion this is a nice place for families to visit, have fun and relax; the gentle and shallow entrance to the sea makes it conducive for even the elderly visitors. It has a great view of the Primosten city. It is best to bring everything one needs to have fun in the beach because there are no additional faclities or catering facilities.
This beach is perfect for family and elderly people since the entrance is shallow and gentle. Despite having to carry what you need for the beach experience the beach provides a perfect view of the Primosten and privacy is guaranteed.
very good!!!
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