June Beach


June is a rocky-pebble beach, located 2 kilometers from the center of Primošten. This beach is a real paradise for lovers of less popular, quieter beaches. Due to its position outside the town, it never gets crowded here. The beach is adorned with wild beauty and a beautiful view of the old town of Primoshten. Due to the isolated position, there are no shops or bars, so we recommend that you take with you everything you might need.

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Place Type

public beach



Place Location

22202, Primošten


(4 reviews)
With the beach being in an isolated location ensures you get your privacy and peace of mind while enjoying the sunbathing experience and the cool effect from the evening breeze. The view of the old town nearby is also nice.
A wonderful place to visit as a couple looking to just spend time alone, this rocky-pebble beach iis a real paradise and never gets crowded. It is a wonderful place for lovers of nature, I being one of them, the wild beauty and view of the old town of Primoshten make it a nice place to visit and sightsee. It is best to pack anything you need when visiting, but I assure you, you will not regret visiting.
To our luck this beach never had anyone but had no amenities around. Luckily we had our supplies in the car and we made our own camp with chairs and tents, the views of the sea and the sun were amazing, we had a fabulous alone time.
very good!!!
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