Pavja Luka Beach


Pavja luka is a beach which is also located south of Zhrnovo. It is one of the most inaccessible on this list, with a long driveway that needs to be crossed on foot. Once you reach the bay, it is a real oasis of peace and a real gem among the beaches on Korcula.

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public beach

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20275, Žrnovo


(4 reviews)
Peaceful and quiet beach with amazing views that captured my eyes. I enjoyed the breeze at the beach as i walked along the beach on the evening. Sunset views were amazing and we took some few snaps for the memories.
The bay is beautiful and with different activities that we managed to engage into. We had a boat cruise with my friends and the guide was friendly with drinks on board as well as some good music. Lovely day under the sun and the breeze worked the magic for us.
We went swimming at the sea and had an amazing time. The beach was one of the super places that we had fun with my friends and loved the games we were involved in. Unforgettable moments that we created and we live for such days.
very good!!!
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