Orlando Beach


Orlandusha beach is one of the beaches that fall under the name Defora vale because it is located on the south side of the island. It is known for its incredibly turquoise and clear sea, white pebble beach bordered by rich forest. The scents of the sea and the island pine with a combination of swimming and sunbathing this place is perfect for relaxation of body and soul.

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public beach

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20274, Žrnovo


(4 reviews)
The pebble beach was among the first places that we visited when we landed for our vacation. We enjoyed walking along the beach barefooted on the evenings and i enjoyed the lovely sunset with my friends. Took several pictures for the gram and it was the best feeling ever.
The summer visit to the pebble beach had us have fun throughout and the smell of the coast with atmosphere was awesome. The midday temperature gave the swimming vibe a great touch to it and it was awesome to have fun in the waters of the turquoise sea.
Went out to the beach for my summer vacation and it was spectacular to visit the place. The forest provided a natural shade that helped on the hot temperatures at the beach. I loved sunbathing at the pebble beach and it was lovely.
very good!!!
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