City Walls of Dubrovnik


Dubrovnik is surrounded by the City Walls, almost 2 km long, for which it is known all over the world. Throughout history, these walls have protected the city of Dubrovnik from enemies, and today they bring visitors from all over the world. Walking through the walls of Dubrovnik, you will get to know some of the imposing fortresses that served to defend the Republic of Dubrovnik. Of the five fortresses, three are an integral part of the city walls - Minčeta, Bokar and Sv. Ivan, and two are detached, Lovrijenac in the west and Revelin in the east. Minčeta Fortress is located on the highest part of the city and defended the city from the north. Since 2015, the Race through the Walls has been held, which runs their entire length. This historically unique city is often called a museum city due to its rich tourist offer, preserved historical buildings and sights. Simply every step through the cobbled streets of this city is a return to a rich past that makes for an unforgettable experience.

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(15 reviews)
The City Walls of Dubrovnik were a nice break from the heat and crowds of Dubrovnik. We took our time walking them and stopped often to take pictures. The views were beautiful and much more quiet than viewing from the streets below. Be prepared as some parts are very steep.
very good!!!
Going to the top is where all the fun is, i loved watching the view of the town from there,
We walked along the cobbled streets as we took in breathtaking gasps of the fresh air around. It was an educative journey as we learnt the great history of the city walls and why they were built. As an architect lover, i loved the medieval architectural buildings of the walls. They offered a good spot for us to take pictures. The view of the city from the top summarized the fun of touring this place.
Amazing tour guide as we walked on the inclined steps and turns as they explained the details of the place and we loved the trip.
These walls surround a city that borders the sea. It offers agreat spot for taking good photographs
The wall is very powerful, with such a wall no enemy is afraid.
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