A Guide for a One Day Trip to Dubrovnik


Throughout history, the center of the famous Republic of Dubrovnik, and today a famous tourist destination. Dubrovnik is truly a wonderful destination: rich history, monumental city walls, numerous museums, magnificent churches, excellent restaurants with local specialties… But don't worry, one day is enough to taste the charms of Dubrovnik. Especially if you follow the following guide.

1. Stradun - Stradun is the main street of the old town and the perfect starting point for sightseeing Dubrovnik. It is the center of all events, and in the street, there are numerous shops, souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants. Once upon a time there was actually a sea here, and later it was covered with soil and that is how Dubrovnik got its present appearance.

2. Orlando Column – The legendary Orlando Column is located on Stradun, in front of the church of St. Blaise. Built in the 15th century, the Orlando Column is a symbol of freedom and Dubrovnik's independence. Orlando's Column is a figure of a warrior in armor. According to legend, it is the knight Roland who saved Dubrovnik from Saracen attacks by defeating them at Lokrum. Throughout history, Orlando's Column has also been a symbol of Dubrovnik's trade, so the people of Dubrovnik introduced the measuring unit "Dubrovnik elbow" along its 51.2 cm long right elbow.

3. City Walls - From Stradun, climb the city walls, one of the top Dubrovnik attractions. The walls are 2 kilometers long and were built to protect the city from enemies. Particularly impressive are the fortresses within the walls. The walls offer a beautiful view of the rooftops of Dubrovnik, the sea and the surrounding area.

4. Gunduliceva poljana - The market on Gunduliceva Poljana is a perfect opportunity to feel the breath of the local life of Dubrovnik within the walls. At the stands, you can find a diverse offer of fruits and vegetables but also dried lavender and brandy. It is also an ideal place to buy and try some of the local specialties like arancini - orange peel in sugar. There is an authentic atmosphere of bargaining, jokes, and small talk among sellers and buyers.

5. Buffet Kamenice - On Gunduliceva Poljana there is also the legendary Buffet Kamenice, an ideal place for a break. Buffet Kamenice has been in business for decades and very little has changed in that time because they stick to their old-fashioned charm. The offer consists of a range of always fresh dishes: oysters, black risotto and fried fish are often mentioned as favorites. Portions are large and prices are very affordable. Dessert is offered only one - the legendary Dubrovnik Rozata.

6. Dubrovnik Cathedral - Not far from Gunduliceva Poljana is the magnificent Dubrovnik Cathedral. It was built on the site of a historic Byzantine and Romanesque cathedral, which was destroyed in a great earthquake in the 17th century. Today's magnificent Baroque cathedral was built from 1671 to 1713. Many gold and silver reliquaries, crosses, church utensils and paintings by Italian, Flemish and Croatian painters are kept in the cathedral's treasury.

7. Banje Beach - The afternoon is perfect for swimming on the Banje pebble beach. Banje beach is located a little outside the walls, but it offers a beautiful view of those same walls and the old town port. You can enjoy the Beach Bar which, in addition to refreshments with top-quality cocktails, also offers great food, deck chairs with canopies in which you will want to stay forever while listening to gentle lounge music.

8. Restaurant Nautika - Towards the end of your day in Dubrovnik, it is time to enjoy food, wine, and a beautiful view. This is possible in the Nautika restaurant. Restaurant Nautika is located in Pile, next to the main entrance to the old town of Dubrovnik. The terrace offers a beautiful view of the sea, city walls and fortresses Lovrijenac and Bokar. Nautika offers specialties of Adriatic fish and seafood, but also top meat dishes and vegetarian variants.

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I never imagined that I could tour Dubrovnik for a day and still have fun. Thanks to the guide I really had an amazing time here. I managed to visit most of the historical centres within Dubrovnik
The Guide helped me tour this city. It was amazing to interact with locals considering it is a centre of trading. My most favourite spots were banje beach and Orlando's Column.
very good!!!
Walking On the City Walls of Dubrovnik gives an extended view of the city it surrounds and I loved learning about the fortresses that were used for defense by the people of Dubrovnik. The guides was quite helpful in the description of these buildings.
With the help of the guide, we had a to do list,upon touring the locations in our list we would mark it. We toured Buffet kamenice for business engagements. True to the guide the dishes served here are served in big portions at an affordable price.
With the help of the guide we toured most of the interesting places in the list. I enjoyed my stay at Banje Beach, i sat at the deck chairs with canopies as i listened to the gentle music in the lounge. The music was relaxing.
After going through the guide, we decided to go to Banje Beach where we enjoyed swimming. We later went to the Restaurant Nautika where we were served delicious food and drinks before we left for our home. It was lovely being here.