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In 1979, the Old Town of Dubrovnik was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. These massive walls from the 13th century. they surround the whole old town, and reach a height of 24 meters, and a thickness of 6 meters. The walls are best explored by an easy walk along two kilometers of groomed paths along the ramparts and fortresses around the city itself. Also particularly important are the main street of the old town of Stradun, the Rector's Palace, the church of St. Blaise, Cathedral, City Hall.

Today, walking around this historic center you will feel as if you are in another age, and you can attribute this to the fact that all the sights of the city of Dubrovnik are located close to each other. Beautiful white cobbled streets, souvenir shops, cult cafes and top restaurants are just a part of the experience you will enjoy when you visit this unique city-museum.

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very good!!!
I flew to Dubrovnik to see the old city, very old, stone, atmospheric. Will definitely come back again
Dubrovnik's old town for me is one of the most beautiful in Croatia. Ancient cathedrals, cobbled streets, white stone houses and a pleasant warm climate
I have been here 2 times, in summer and winter, both times were wonderful! Beautiful, romantic, with medieval luxury



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