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Pantan Beach is located not far from the Pantan Nature Reserve in Trogir, and not far from the Ciovo Bridge on a small cape. The beach is sandy with parts of fine brown pebbles, so it is very suitable for families with children and young people. The entrance to the sea is shallow, mild and the seabed covered with fine gravel. The beach has natural shade provided by tall Mediterranean trees. On the beach, except for one coffee bar, there are no additional facilities or facilities, so be sure to bring everything you need. The beach is located not far from the center of Trogir, especially if you travel by car, so you can find everything nearby.

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This is a wonderful destination for families looking to spend time on the beach. This fine brown pebble beach has a shallow entrance to the sea. The shade offered by the tall Mediterranean trees is just refreshing in the summer heat. There is one coffee bar in the beach witout any other additional facilities, so carry everything you need. The center is close with additional necessities to ensure you have fun on the beach. Planning another family visit next summer.
I enjoyed touring the locations surrounding this beautiful beach. the panoramic view of the beach from the Ciovo Bridge is breathed taking. also, the Pantan Nature reserve is filled with beautiful aquatic life and vegetation. I enjoyed my visit to the location
I loved that the beach is filled with fine sand and shallow bays where i enjoyed my alone time. Took a break from work to just unwind and the beach was perfect for that. From the beach i got to organize a kayak-tour to explore the Trogir Riviera.
very good!!!
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