Rector's Palace


The Rector's Palace dates from the 13th century, and in the 19th century it was restored in the Renaissance style. It contains the historical coats of arms of Venetian princes and other nobles, and on the door above the staircase there is an inscription that access is allowed only to nobles. The court also contained a theater which was later destroyed. Today, the building houses the city administration - City Hall.

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Trg Ivana Pavla II 1, 21220, Trogir


(9 reviews)
very good!!!
for me it was the clock. I loved its beauty. I was also able to enter the place and enjoyed the tour
I found it amazing that the Palace was still structurally sound to house the current administration. this speaks of superb architectural work
It has nice statues and well preserved artifacts. I was also taken through a small history lesson by the guide and i loved it.
the thing that caught my eye was that the clock is still in working condition. if clocks could talk I imagine what it would say being in the center of town
Great historical background of the palace and amazing guide that took us through the entire place properly.
the coat of arms really looked regale to me. I toured when it was off season and I could stand back and simply enjoy the majesty of the Palace without too many hinderances
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