Kamerlengo Tower


The fortress, built in 1437, was used to house the Venetian army and defend the sea channel and the approach to the port.
Today it is used as a stage for many outdoor cultural events. Chains stretched from the tower to the island of Ciovo.
Chains (Chains) prevented access to enemy ships.1378. A naval battle between Venice and Genoa took place in front of the tower. The sunken galleys were full of building materials. From the galleys, the people of Trogir made a series of artificial reefs, which prevented the entrance to the port. The tower is trapezoidal in shape, and in the womb it contained living quarters, a well, the chapel of St. Mark (saint of the Venetian Republic). Outside the castle, at a distance of 5 meters, the outer walls were erected to make it easier to defend the port from various war devices. It was separated from the city by a defensive canal. In addition to a very old story from history, the tower also offers a beautiful view of the old town, the promenade and the sea, and it is definitely worth visiting when visiting the old town.

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very good!!!
The fortress which was built for defense is hug and glorious. My students and i enjoyed exploring it and learning the diverse culture there.
We visited last summer with the kids. The tower offers a beautiful view of the old town. It was amazing to note that the dragons in GOT were imprisoned there
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