This hamlet is located on the island of Ugljan. It is special for the bowling alley located in the center of Varosh, on a small "square". There, the men's and women's teams are definitely preparing for the traditional bowling tournament SHUG CUP. General bowling is a popular sport on the island of Ugljan. In Varosh, you can also see church of St. Hippolytus and Cassian built in the 11th or 13th century which is first mentioned in documents in 1374. In the past, unbaptized deceased people were buried there.You can reach this place from Zadar by ferry to the island of Ugljan, make a day trip or stay to enjoy the diversity of the whole island.

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very good!!!
It was an exciting experience to play the bowling game in alley that was friendly to us and suitable for the game. What i loved most was the spacious square left out for both men and women to play. I enjoyed every moment at this place.
We loved the diversity of this island with lots of sights to behold. Of interest was the Cassian building whose archicteral design is something every architect should have a look at.I appreciate the good work of the craftsman involved.
It was like a dream come true to find the Church of St Hippolytus which i had read in documents that it was used to bury the unbaptized deceased. I loved how it was well maintained upto date and how the staff inside were friendly to us. They made our trip comfortable and unforgettable.
The landscapes and the green creation at this place made me feel relaxed. I loved the cool countryside air and the flowers. The and the smell of wet soil made me feel happy. A great gateway from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Aside from the beautiful churches and the cemetery that holds the history and the place. We attended the bowling tournament that was exciting and we enjoyed the experience and the great competition at the place.
It was a special place for me and my friends, we were taught bowling by the friendly people here. The bowling alley is located on a small Square in the center of Varosh. I also visited the church where the unbaptized deceased people were buried and it is neat and well preserved upto date.