This charming village on the south-western side of the Istrian peninsula sits in the landscape of vineyards and olive groves on one side and a beautiful rocky coast adorned with pebbled and sandy beaches on the other. In front of it is the sapphire blue sea and a view that extends all the way to the Brijuni islands and the Fazhana channel. With this kind of scenery, it is no wonder that in the Roman times Peroj was a popular holiday resort, known as Casale Petriolo. However, the discovery of a necropolis within the village limits testifies that the area was inhabited before the ancient times, as early as the Copper Age. The village seems to have flourished its way into the 12th century when repeated bouts of the plague decimated its population. Following this, the Venetian administration, in charge of Istria at the time, attempted to repopulate the area numerous times, bringing a succession of new inhabitants to Peroj, specifically farmers from Bologna, Italy, and families from Greek and Cyprus. The repopulation attempts finally worked in 1657 when a a dozen Montenegrin families settled in Peroj, bringing with them their their customs, religion and traditions that have survived into the modern times. While for the most of its history Peroj was a fishing and farming village, it seems to be leaning towards its Roman resort roots as it turns its efforts to providing the best possible tourist experience for its visitors. With its location, accommodation options in private apartments and villas, and a coast with numerous beaches clad in Mediterranean vegetation that offer privacy, Peroj is a wonderful choice for all those who are looking for an authentic coastal village holiday.

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