Dog Beach Portic


For all those who are looking for a nice spot to swim and sunbathe with their four-legged friends while in Peroj, the Dog Beach Portic is located right next to the pier. It is equipped with garbage cans, a shower, and small tents where you and your dog can take a break or a nap after swimming.

The terrain here is gravelly and the sea comes in shallow, which makes access easy even for smaller dogs. The sea bed is a bit rocky, though, so you might want to bring your water shoes to help you get around.

The beach is located next to the promenade, with a park-like area dotted with trees right behind it offering spots of natural shade. It is also easily accessible, since the local road runs close to the promenade, and you can park in the vicinity of the beach, free of charge. There are several beach bars nearby by, too, where you can pop for a refreshing drink and a snack.

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