Vanga Island


Vanga is a small island in the Brijuni archipelago. It is sometimes called Krasnica and Oblica.The island was uninhabited until the 1950s, when the renovation of J. Broz Tito's private residence began. In the northern part of the island there are two residential units and an orchard with southern and exotic fruits, and on the southern side there are vineyards and cellars. In that ambience, Tito rested, and received only a few guests. Namely, a declaration was agreed there in 1956, which created the movement of non-aligned countries.Vanga Island is today part of the Brijuni National Park and is not included in tourist visits.

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This place was suggested to me by my girlfriend and true to her testimonies everything was as she said. I got a chance to help the locals pick the different kinds of fruits in the orchard, we interacted and got to change ideas. I learned a lot about the inhabitants.
I came to this place for a quiet vacation. I sat at the quiet park and watched people come and go. I watched birds as they chipped and flew from one tree to another. I watched the beautiful sunsets from here. I enjoyed my alone time at this place.
It is a beautiful place to visit, the orchard and vineyards only add to its beauty. The atmosphere itself gives a relaxation vibe, I enjoyed walking especially and just enjoying the salty air of the sea. An amazing destination to visit.
very good!!!