Church of St. Micael of Banjole


The archaeological locale of St. Michael of Banjole comprises the remains of a medieval basilica, the chapel of St. Michael dated to 1456 and ruins that indicate the existence of a settlement believed to have been a Roman thermae.

The basilica seems to have been built in stages, over a period of time, with the medieval structure built over the earlier building from the Byzantine period. The layout consisted of a three-nave structure, with each of the naves separated with a single pilaster and four columns. The presbytery was separated from the rest of the church space with a partition while the central nave in front of it contained a choir and a pulpit (ambon).

An interesting feature of the basilica were its separate apses and the Roman inscriptions found among the stone plates inside them. The southern nave seems to have contained a rectangular space with 70 cm thick walls, though its purpose has not yet been discovered. A number of painted plaster fragments were found on the site, confirming the interior of the basilica was painted.

The Chapel of St. Michael is equally significant, containing large fragments of church furniture in the pre-Romanesque and Romanesque styles which was believed to have been brought from an older church no longer in existence. Aside from attesting to religious continuity, this places the complex of St. Michael of Banjole among one of the most important archaeological sites in the Vodnjan area.

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